“I have known Melissa for over five years and worked with her in different capacity. Throughout this time I found Melissa to be a great person to work with to solve problem. She has impressed me every single time with detail oriented approach, out-of-box thinking and sense of urgency. Great combination of analytical approach balanced with strategic thinking. I recommend her for any opportunity!”



“Lee with Seattle Web Solutions, Superman as I call him, has done wonders for my website and business. He calls me Lois. We have lots of fun but mostly he really knows what he is doing and has brought my website up to a level that I am really proud.”


Maison De Kristine

“It was an honor to work with you and to have your keen eye and skillful hand on the project. It is great to see someone that has as much pride for the project as the owner does.”


Author James George

“Melissa brings insight as well as passion to her research projects - she's always looking for the story and taught me the importance of narrative in communicating the big idea behind the numbers. She is also calm under tight deadlines, and works through the pressure moments to deliver findings to executives and decision-makers looking for recommendations. Great at team-building too - builds effective networks to which resulted in her having a strong and loyal client base.”



“Lee Hamilton is an amazing professional. He is good at his trade, very good. He is honest in what he can and cannot do. He gets it done and is only satisfied when it's just the way it should be done with a professional designers eye. I've worked with several web developers. Lee is the only one I would recommend based on skill, talent, trustworthiness, professionalism, and ON TIME.”


Thirty Seven West

“I loved working with Lee Hamilton in the creation of the latest look to my website. Not only was a pleasure to work with, he was very detailed oriented in everything that he did. If he found something not quite right, he offered positive solutions that made my site stand out. Thank you Lee and it won't be the last time I say that!”


Luxury Bedding Solutions